Opaque colored pellets


We offer prime and wide-spec array of virgin plastic materials. Depending on the end use, we can find you the most suitable product at the best price. Colors range from natural and black to a variety of spectrum colors.

AMR Plastics Custom Compounds


We offer custom colored and filled plastic compounds. Fillers include glass fiber, mineral, Teflon, carbon fiber and a variety of other fillers to suit your specifications. We also have the capability to customize the color of your plastic to match any specification.

Raw Materials Regrinds


We are able to provide clean, uncontaminated plastic material for those specifications that allow the flexibility to utilize the cost-effective benefit of regrinds.

opaque and transparent plastics

Great plastics at a great price.

Many things have changed over the last 30+ years. There are new materials and processes that couldn’t have been imagined. What hasn’t changed is:

  • The need for plastics processors to increase profits by saving money
  • The need for high quality raw materials — free of contaminants
  • The need for timely delivery and technical support

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